About Us

Welcome to Coastal Crafty Cousins!
A little about us… we are two cousins. One lives in Miami and the other in Naples so we are on both coasts of Florida and have lived in the Sunshine State since we were children.  We are both professionals, one in public accounting for over 40 years and one in the Emergency Medical Field with over 35 years of experience.  With these stressful jobs, we both enjoy making crafts and personal items as a way to decompress and be creative. Making handcrafted gifts for friends and their requests for additional ones, led us to start this new venture.  We are excited that our friends and family enjoy our crafts and now want to share them with you. We hope you enjoy the items we offer.  We are happy to make some personalized ones as well, just visit our website at www.craftycousins.net, or by email at coastalcraftycousins@gmail.com We thank you for your time and for helping our dream come true.